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Welcome to Oscar's Place

This is Oscar’s Place. Where we open our hearts and barn doors to give donkeys a better life. Every animal here has had a rough journey. But they persevered.

Our team works tirelessly around the clock on the physical and the emotional rehabilitation of each donkey. And we are committed with everything we have to provide them with the safety and love they deserve. For the rest of their lives.

The process of helping them heal and learn to trust again has forever changed our lives as caregivers. Donkeys are capable of deeply connecting with us on an emotional level. They can experience love, friendship, and joy as clearly as fear, sadness, and loneliness. They deserve better. They deserve our compassion.

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Debbie Horowitz
Debbie Horowitz
Sep 18, 2023

Love this site thanks to wonderful people like this saving animals ❤️ Oscar is a cutie and wiz kid too keep up the wonderful work and bless you all


I think what you do is wonderful. I live in the Big Bear mountains which was a mining community at the turn of the century. We have donkeys that were left here by the miners 80 yrs ago. Not sure of their numbers now but Ten of them were across the street from my house in the wooded lots eating. I love our donkeys and worry about them because of a resident with horses, called animal control to complain, wanted them destroyed because they pushed thru the fence to get access to the hay that was put out for the horses. I worry because we still, in late April, have 7 feet on snow on the mountain where the donkey…

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