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Do You Dream About Donkeys? We Do 5 Fascinating Factoids About Our Beloved Family of Donkeys

What does a donkey represent spiritually?

In contrast to Grecian works, donkeys were portrayed in Biblical works as symbols of service, suffering, peace, and humility. They are also associated with the theme of wisdom in the Old Testament story of Balaam's ass, and are seen in a positive light through the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

What does It mean when you’re riding a donkey in a dream?

Riding on a donkey suggests you will go to foreign countries and venture into places that are difficult to cross. It depicts you will be on a long travel journey, according to people who interpret dreams.

Why are some donkeys stubborn?

We call them focused and independent, but donkeys are well-known for being obstinate, planting their feet and staying put regardless of how hard a handler pulls. But just because they have a tendency to resist doesn't mean they're dumb, as commonly assumed. Quite the opposite. Donkeys have a keen sense of self-preservation. If they feel they're in danger, rather than running away, they'll stand their ground and refuse to move, giving them time to make their own decision about whether or not it's safe to keep going forward. It's a distinct difference from horses which, when frightened, usually flee immediately.

How intelligent are they?

Donkeys have an excellent memory, and great ability to learn. A 2013 study by The Donkey Sanctuary found that they can learn and problem-solve at the same pace as dolphins and dogs. This means that donkeys remember good and bad experiences for a long time. Negative or painful experiences affect the donkey’s behavior, sometimes for years so being a careful and considerate handler is vital.

Is a donkey more curious than a cat?

The natural caution of the donkey can be perceived as a lack of curiosity. This can be magnified if the donkey has negative past experiences. The donkey’s sense of self-preservation coupled with its strong memory will ensure it avoids certain situations that may be perceived as dangerous, which can then be misinterpreted as a lack of curiosity. Donkeys possess a natural, slightly fearful, curiosity. Increasing the living standard of a donkey will help bolster this sense of curiosity If they’re allowed to exist in a naturally loving and kind environment, you’ll find that donkeys naturally begin to investigate things and be more willing to experience new situations.

About Oscars Place Adoption Center & Animal Sanctuary

Oscar’s Place | The Selway Family Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of donkeys abused or abandoned. When an animal suffers because humans are unkind, Oscar’s Place steps in. While we’re just a team of everyday individuals, we deeply care for and are committed to providing a safe haven for farm animals in need.

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Do you allow people to visit your sanctuary and love the donkeys?? I would love to bring my grand son and have him experience these incredible creatures. I have always loved donkeys s

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