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Donkeys are some of the most loving and trusting creatures on Earth, and when they suffer
because humans are unkind, Oscar’s Place steps in. While we’re just a team of everyday
individuals, we deeply care for and are committed to providing a safe haven for donkeys in

We focus on donkeys because the world's donkey population is being decimated. Not by
disease, global warming, or predators. But because there is a high demand for their hides in
the creation of a traditional Chinese medicine.
They deserve better than to be abused, crowded into horrifying transport containers, and
shipped off to slaughter factories. Our mission is straight-forward: To every donkey that
makes its way to Oscar’s Place, we will do everything in our power to keep that animal safe,
healthy and happy….for the rest of its life.
We love animals, and quite frankly, we need to team up with other people who also care
about what happens to these beautiful creatures.
The good news is that it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

When you make a donation, you help a donkey recover emotionally and physically from its
past. You are restoring their belief in humans as caregivers. Your impact even makes it
possible to rehome donkeys to carefully-screened adopters, which enables us to bring more
of these precious animals into our care system.
Again, we’re not special, but our team consists of caring employees, volunteers,
veterinarians, and farriers – all with a singular objective: to help donkeys recover physically,
mentally, and emotionally.
Every person on-site is committed to hands-on interaction with our donkeys, every day.
Loving them. Calming them. Healing them. We want to show them that humans can be
Can you save a donkey’s life today or can you share this message? Thank you so much for

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"The Donkey Fair"

"Donkey population decimated by Chinese medicine demand"

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"Half the world’s donkey population could be wiped out in the next five years, as millions are slaughtered for their hides to meet rising demand for a traditional Chinese medicine."

Have you ever wanted to save the life of an innocent creature? It takes a special kind of person to find the strength to care for something that can never repay the kindness. Have you ever wanted to save the life of an innocent creature?

It is estimated that over the next five years, half the world’s donkey population will be wiped out.


Why? Their hides are used to meet an exploding demand for traditional Chinese medicine, which means millions of helpless donkeys are slaughtered for this sole reason.


Could you imagine how a donkey feels being abused by a human and never knowing the reason? In the end, a creature who only wanted to be loved is shipped off in horrifying conditions to a slaughter factory overseas where they will face certain death.


It’s amazing how little most of us know about donkeys. In some ways, they are more dog than small horse. Most donkeys crave human interaction, they love hugs and spending time at our side. Donkeys are amazing creatures that are incredibly smart and form extremely strong bonds with each other and with their human caretakers.


And right now they are in crisis and need help from humans that care.


Do you agree that cruelty against animals needs to stop? This is an easy way to make a HUGE impact. All a donkey needs is for someone like you to care enough to make a small contribution. Donate today!


And here’s the GOOD news… it really doesn’t take much to save the life of one donkey!


Adopt a donkey now!

A simple gift today saves the life of a donkey that desperately needs a hero like you.


Not quite ready to adopt a donkey just yet? There are other ways to help!


Donate now! Your gift means the world – and even if you can’t give, just sharing this message with others will have a huge impact. Thank you so much for caring.




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