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Donkey Adoption Application

The team at Oscar’s Place is committed to only adopting out donkeys that are ready both physically and emotionally.


That means we do not just send out animals as soon as they come in. In order to provide our donkeys the care they deserve, we give them ample time to recover and get to know their caretakers on our ranch in Hopland. If you are interested in adopting donkeys, please fill out an application.


Our adoption process starts with an open dialogue about what you are looking for, which allows you to identify if adopting one of our donkeys is right for you. You will then begin to receive personal messages including photos and videos of which donkeys might become your future ranch companion once they are available.


Each of our equines truly deserve a forever home, and we look forward to introducing you to your donkeys.


This application helps us learn more about you so that we can find a/the donkey(s) that is/are the best match for you. Before completing this application please ensure you meet the Oscar's Place's adoption requirements.

This application process will include a requirement for photos of your (1) corral/paddock including fencing, (2) pasture including fencing, (3) shelter (inside and outside), (4) hay storage, (5) water source that will not freeze, and (6) any other equines on your property to

Please contact us at if you have any difficulty with the application.

Oscar's Place primarily only adopts donkeys out in PAIRS.  If you already have a donkey and are looking for a companion we often have single donkeys that can be adopted by themselves. Any other situations are reviewed on a case by case basis and limited exceptions at the sole discretion of Oscar's Place.

We do not have miniature donkeys and rarely have single donkeys available.  Oscar’s Place is located in Hopland, CA and generally only adopts to homes within a 4-hour radius.  We can assist with local transport only.

Our commitment to these rescue donkeys is that they are retired (no riding, breeding, working, petting zoo) and that we will not separate bonded pairs. They may be used in a lesson/therapy program or other working home, as appropriate for equine.

Donkey Adoption - Application Form

Oscar’s Place is located in Hopland, CA and generally only adopts to homes within a 4-hour radius.  We can assist with local transport only.

Have you or anyone in your household been charged or convicted of animal abuse/neglect?
Do you own your residence?
Do you accept that Oscar's Place will serve as a safety net for the donkey?
Would you be wiling to provide Oscar's Place with your end of life directive should your donkeys outlive you?
What type of activity/use are you planning for the donkey(s)?
Will the donkey be living where you live?
Have you ever owned a donkey before?
Are you willing to take 2 donkeys?
Do you have weather protected, non-moldy, grass hay?

Thanks for submitting!

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