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Donkeys in Song: A Call Out to Singers/Songwriters

Donkeys immortalized in songs resonate with people everywhere. Songwriters love donkeys as much as we do here at Oscar’s Place in Hopland, CA, so singing about these amazing creatures is a natural thing for some of the most talented musicians on the planet.

Recently, we received a note from John Del Vecchio of St. Paul, Minnesota, who is a singer/songwriter and the leader of JahnyD Occurrence, a band that will play “anywhere people gather.” He writes and produces songs that are well-known for their catchy melodies, engaging hooks, and lyrics that people will “chew on them long after the song is done.”

Del Vecchio recently wrote and produced a catchy tune named “Hail Good Donkey” and is currently looking for other performers to join the bray.

We have found a wide range of great songs about donkeys. “Wonkey Donkey” and “Dinky Donkey” are two popular songs with lyrics and animation by Craig Smith.

“Donkey” by Jerrod Niemann is also a popular tune. It was released in May 2014 as the second single from Niemann’s album High Noon; written by David Tolliver, Kyle Jacobs, and Fred Wilhelm.

"Dominick the Donkey" is a Christmas song written by Ray Allen, Sam Saltzberg and Wandra Merrell, and was recorded by Lou Monte in 1960, on Roulette Records. Monte was an Italian-American singer best known for singing Italian novelty records in the late 50's and early 60's. The song describes a donkey who helps Santa bring presents to children in Italy.

The song charted at number 14 in the Billboard Hot 100 in December of 1960. It received limited radio airplay at the time due to the perception of its novelty and some Italian lyrics. Dominick The Donkey is a well-known symbol of Christmas in Italy. Lou Monte continued to record until 1981 and passed away in 1989.

If you’re a songwriter who has produced a donkey tune, Del Vecchio is reaching out. He wants to create a donkey CD for purchase online, with a portion of the proceeds going to Oscar’s Place. Contact him via email at or call him at: 651.221.0871 if you want to submit a song.

About Oscars Place Adoption Center & Animal Sanctuary

Oscar’s Place | The Selway Family Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of donkeys abused or abandoned. When an animal suffers because humans are unkind, Oscar’s Place steps in. CEO Ron King and Founder Phil Selway and their team are everyday individuals who deeply care for and are committed to providing a safe haven for donkeys in need.

Sources: Wikipedia and USA Today

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