The team at Oscar’s Place is committed to only adopting out donkeys that are ready both physically and emotionally.


That means we do not just send out animals as soon as they come in. In order to provide our donkeys the care they deserve, we give them ample time to recover on our ranch in Hopland. If you too are interested in adopting a donkey, please fill out an application to add your name to the list.


Our adoption process starts with an open dialogue about what you are looking for, which allows you to identify if adopting one of our donkeys is right for you. You will visit Oscar’s Place a few times as you meet donkeys and begin to narrow your list of good matches.  Once we find a good match the team will do a site visit to confirm that fencing and shelter are adequate. 

We do not have miniature donkeys and rarely have single donkeys available.  Oscar’s Place is located in Hopland, CA and generally only adopts to homes within a 4-hour radius.  We can assist with local transport only.

Our commitment to these rescue donkeys is that they are retired (no riding, working, petting zoo) and that we will not separate bonded pairs.

Each of our equines truly deserve a forever home, and we look forward to introducing you to your donkey.


Adopting from Oscar's Place

Adoption Requirements

To be eligible for adoption from Oscar's Place, all applicants must provide:


  • At least one acre of safely fenced pasture or turnout per donkey (e.g., two donkeys would require at least two acres)

  • A sturdy, clean, safely fenced corral (a smaller, separate enclosure from the turnout)

  • Continuous access to a permanent clean structure, weather-protected permanent shelter of no less than 8x16 feet per pair of donkeys (suitable shelters are permanently fully enclosed structures on at least three sides with a solid roof; four-sided shelters are highly recommended)

  • Year-round access to a clean, unfrozen water source by way of a heated water tank or similar unit

  • An adequate supply of non-moldy grass hay stored in a weather-protected shelter

  • Donkey companionship consisting of another donkey 


Are you a first-time donkey owner? That’s okay, most of our adopters are! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about getting set up for your new family members. Feel free to call or email us anytime.

Other requirements

  • Adopter must be the primary caretaker of the donkey

  • Donkey must be kept at adopter’s residence except as expressly authorized by Oscar's Place

  • Adopter is financially responsible for the donkey – this includes feed, farrier, dental, and medical expenses

  • Shelter and corral must be regularly mucked to maintain a clean-living environment for the donkey

  • Adopter must regularly groom the donkey and clean the donkey’s hooves

  • Donkey’s hooves must be trimmed as necessary to maintain normal mobility and comfort (minimum of every 12 weeks)

  • Donkey must be provided with medical treatment as necessary to avoid suffering and disability

  • Donkey must be protected from abuse including roping

  • Oscar's Place will serve as a permanent safety net for the donkey: Adopter must agree to return the donkey to Oscar's Place if they are unable or unwilling to properly care for the donkey; adopter cannot sell, trade, gift, or otherwise transfer the donkey to another person or third party

Cost to adopt

We are committed to the physical and emotional recovery of each donkey that comes to Oscar’s Place.  We want what is best for the donkey and we want to adopt out physically and emotionally healthy animals.  This level of commitment comes at a high cost.  The team spends 1:1 time with every animal, every day.  Loving, feeding, grooming – getting to know them and restoring their faith in humans.  This level of care allows us to get to know each animal thoroughly and helps to make better matches with potential adopters.  

Not quite ready to adopt yet?

There are different ways to help us continue our work & help donkeys find shelter and new loving homes