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Let’s Start a LOVE Revolution

At Oscar’s Place, we’re committed to spreading love. We have so much LOVE for our donkeys — and for the people like you who care for them. 


Rehabilitating and rehoming donkeys takes time, persistence, and dedication. It’s a labor of love — and the bills for our caretaking team salaries, donkey feed, and medical bills for much-needed routine care continuously pile up. Will you donate today to help love these donkeys back to physical and emotional health? Every dollar you give brings them closer to their forever home and allows us to rescue more donkeys. Join us for a Summer of Love!



How You Can Spread LOVE 

You brighten our day (every day!) — and we hope our donkeys add some sunshine to your day, too. Here are the top 4 ways you can make a difference for donkeys in need:




Donations make the greatest impact in rehabilitating and rehoming donkeys, whether you have $5 or $5,000 to give.



Ask your family and friends to join you in spreading love. Have an upcoming birthday? Consider asking for donations instead of gifts!



Are you interested in adopting a donkey? Apply today to welcome a donkey to its forever home.



 Use your voice. Share our feel-good stories and love for donkeys with your own community. Let’s grow this love revolution!

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Donkeys Deserve  LOVE 

We rescue unwanted donkeys because we believe that all animals deserve love. By the time a donkey arrives in our care, they’ve often experienced immense hardship and heartbreaking trauma at the hands of humans. Once a donkey arrives at our sanctuary, we give them the space to recover, heal, and thrive. Many of their recoveries are difficult and complicated, with ongoing medical struggles. 


Slowly, through a combination of healthy meals, wide open pastures, top-notch medical care, and a whole lotta love from countless individuals, our donkeys learn to trust humans as caretakers once again. After a donkey has made a full rehabilitation at Oscar’s Place, we rehome them to loving families where they can live out the rest of their days free of worries.


Let’s start a love revolution and come together in support of these sweet animals. Will you donate today to make remarkable transformations possible?


Q&A with Ron King, Co-Founder & CEO

What Keeps me up at night?

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Why is the distinction between “rescue” and “rehabilitation & adoption center” important?

What are your biggest ongoing quarterly bills?

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You have only been open for a year and a half, how do I know you are the real deal?

How much of our donation is used directly on the donkeys?

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