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Gender: John

Rescue Date: 03.21.2023

Winston's Story

Winston is such a sweet, handsome, old donkey that we met in the auction in March 2023. Part of our mission at Oscar’s Place is that we work with donkeys that will be adoptable, because we are an adoption center first and a sanctuary second. He followed us around at the auction. Because he was old and obese, we knew this donkey would not be adoptable. If we were to save him, he would be a sanctuary donkey. 


Because he was so sweet and persistent, there was NO way we were going to leave him at the auction for slaughter — so we brought him home. He is struggling with his weight, and he is nervous around people, but he is very deserving of a loving life. Winston is on a diet and slowly but surely warming up to volunteers. Right now, he is serving as a companion to Leo as he heals his hooves, and Chrissy, who recently lost her mother. Winston is their buddy. The three of them are the Three Musketeers of Oscar’s Place and hang out all day together. Send him some love

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