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Gender: John

Rescue Date: 08.08.2023

Juniper's Story

Willie Dallas and Juniper are senior donkeys rescued from Stroud, Oklahoma in July 2023. When we heard that they were at a kill pen, we jumped into action. Juniper is a very tame, very large lady with horrible, extremely overgrown feet. It occurred to me (Ron) that NOBODY is out there looking for a senior female donkey with bad feet. Medical bills considered, that's not a prized adoption for anyone. I felt certain what her fate would be if we didn’t get her. 


There was only one other donkey at this kill pen, a senior boy who is now named Willie Dallas. We got them both, arranged transportation, and they arrived at Oscar’s Place. Despite the fact that the two donkeys didn’t know each other before, they are now incredibly bonded. I think being scared in a kill pen and enduring the long ride to California together made them decide that they would be besties. 


Our first order of business was to get Juniper’s feet bearable so that she could stand. We trimmed them a little bit to give her some comfort, but we aren't going to be too aggressive with the trims yet. She appears to be feeling better, but she also has a cough that we can’t quite make go away. Plus, her bloodwork came back, and she is off the charts with Cushing’s Disease. So we will start her on medicine to manage her symptoms, but need to stabilize her health, get her eating properly, and get rid of the cough before we do too many other alterations to her medication plans. 


Neither one of them were eating when they arrived, and we knew we had to get their appetites back so that hyperlipidemia didn’t kick in. Willie Dallas has slightly elevated triglycerides, too, another complicating factor. With the help of some calorie supplementation, they are moving in the right direction from an appetite perspective. 


Both Juniper and Willie Dallas have a long journey of healing ahead of them. I believe with all of my heart that we can get both of them healthy, move them to the senior pasture, and let them live out their final chapter — together — here at Oscar’s Place. Help give these two donkeys a second chance!

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