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Gender: Jenny

Rescue Date: 07.22.2022

Jackie's Story

Jackie is a GREAT donkey. She’s one of our seniors and was surrendered by her previous owner along with Sweetie and Burpee. Sweetie passed away shortly after arriving at Oscar’s Place, and Burpee and Jackie were simply not bonded. So Burpee stayed in a pasture and Jackie moved to our senior pasture. She now hangs out with ladies who are more of her pace: Blanche, Harry, and Norman. 


While Jackie is old, she is still very healthy. She has the funniest bray out of all the donkeys on our entire ranch. She is VERY demanding of her food (special feeding with vitamin supplements that is mashed up so that she can chew it with her bad teeth) and she will let you know if you are running three minutes late with a bray that sounds exactly like a cry. Everyone knows Jackie’s bray from across the property. 


Even though Jackie is a little bit demanding and a little bit old (but hey, we can relate to that!), she is sweet and so lovable. She is a wonderful member of our senior community. Send this funny, spunky donkey some love.

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