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Gender: Jenny

Rescue Date: 03.31.2023

Chrissy's Story

Sweet Chrissy arrived at Oscar’s Place in March 2023 after several years of planning. Our farrier had her eye on Chrissy and her senior mother, Rosalie, and was able to negotiate their owner surrender. The pair had lived alone for their entire lives and were in need of some medical and hoof care. 


We immediately realized that senior Rosalie wasn’t going to be with us for that much longer. Knowing how emotional donkeys are, first we got them both healthy and out of quarantine, and then we put them in a pasture with other donkeys so that Chrissy could bond and integrate with the herd. That way, when she did lose her mom, she wouldn’t be completely devastated by grief. 


Chrissy spent three months living with the herd before she had to say goodbye to her mom. She is now living in a pasture with her two buddies, Leo and Winston. Chrissy seems to be handling the loss of her mom okay. We will keep her here at Oscar’s Place for the rest of her life, where we can keep a close eye on her and give her all the love she deserves. Help shower Chrissy with love!

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