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Gender: John

Rescue Date: 07.07.2021

Hershey's Story

Lemongrass arrived on July 10, 2021 along with her mother, Blanche, and another set of donkeys (Baby, Hershey, and Hershey’s mom Mabel). Blanche was very old and in such poor health that she couldn’t stand. She couldn’t put weight on three out of four feet and was suffering terribly, so she spent most of her days laying on the ground. 


This was extremely difficult for her baby, Lemongrass, who wanted to drink her mom’s milk. She hadn’t been weaned yet, so she would push and roll her mother onto one side so that she could nurse. Eventually, we decided that this wasn’t healthy for Blanche and that Lemongrass was old enough to wean. 


Weaning can be really frustrating for baby donkeys; we weaned Lemongrass and Hershey at the same time so that they would have each other through the process. They successfully weaned from their mothers! Because they went through this together, Lemongrass and Hershey are now inseparable.


Lemongrass is incredibly sweet. She demands attention and belly rubs all day long. Even now that she’s fully grown, she still thinks she’s a “lap donkey” — if you sit down in a pasture, she will try to climb right into your lap! Her mother, Blanche, has had time to recover and can now stand up on all four legs.


Hershey’s mother, Mabel, has since been adopted. We think that Hershey’s dad was a mini because he’s so small. He has very long chocolate brown hair and is super cute. He’s on his way to becoming an internet sensation!


Lemongrass and Hershey now live in a pasture with the rest of our “teenage” donkeys at Oscar’s Place. The group of six of them travel together as a pack and play all day long. They are very dependent on each other and live happy, healthy lives.

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