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Gender: John

Owner Srrender: 01.18.2023

Harry's Story

Harry and Norman are a set of owner surrenders that we welcomed to Oscar’s Place in the summer of 2022. They are a bonded pair, about the same age, and their previous owner got them from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) many years ago. They’ve lived their life together and with humans. Both are very sweet, but they are pretty old and overweight now. 


We decided to retire them to our senior donkey pasture. Norman has a nasal discharge that we cannot clear up. We’ve tried everything under the sun with our veterinary care team that we can think of to solve this, but nothing has worked. Norman’s previous owner reported that he’d already had it for years before he came to our ranch. 


We won’t put Norman and his companion, Harry, through the stress of going on a trailer ride to the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital to undergo extensive testing and scoping at his age and current health condition. So we will continue to treat it as best we can and smother both of them with love. 


While Harry and Norman are always hanging out together, they are beginning to make new friends in the senior donkey pasture. If one goes and the other survives, they will still have a herd to hang out with. They LOVE attention. Harry is a little bit particular, but Norman loves everybody. I (Ron) have SO many photos on my phone of our volunteers getting hugs from Norman. They are a sweet pair of old boys, and we are so happy to have them here. Help make their days as comfortable as possible!

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