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Gender: John

Rescue Date: 01.24.2023

Farley's Story

Rescued from the auction pipeline, Farley arrived at our ranch on January 24, 2023 — 100% blind, extremely malnourished, and covered in wounds. It is clear that he was kept in horrible conditions with animals who were bullying him. It’s overwhelming to imagine how scary Farley’s life must have been up until he arrived at Oscar’s Place. 


Farley has an infected eye and is receiving treatment. He also wears a mask to protect him from running into things. In his first week alone, he made a lot of progress. Farley is already so trusting of us, allowing us to pet and comfort him. It’s like he knows that he has a safe home now. Since it is very hard to re-home donkeys with special needs, Farley will likely live out the rest of his life at Oscar’s Place, receiving all the love and care in the world. 


Because of his special needs, Farley’s care will be expensive: healing, weight gain, quarantine, blood tests, vaccines, dewormer, dental exams and treatment, X-rays, hoof care, vet care… The list is a long one. 


Our team has loved getting to know Farley. He is a very smart animal, sensitive, and super sweet. We know that our community of caretakers, vets, volunteers, and supporters will love him back to health. Farley is already such an incredible addition to our Oscar’s Place family.

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