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Gender: Jenny

Rescue Date: 07.07.2021

Blanche's Story

Blanche arrived at Oscar’s Place on July 10, 2021. She got off the trailer with her baby girl, Lemongrass, and it quickly became evident that Blanche was in terrible condition. Our vet approximated that she was 40 years old — it’s astounding that she had a baby at this age. Blanche has Cushing’s Disease, which means her pituitary gland is enlarged and produces too many hormones. It has many side effects, including painful and unhealthy feet. 


Blanche couldn’t put weight on three of her four feet, so she spent a lot of time on the ground. This made it very challenging for her daughter to nurse. Lemongrass would push Blanche and roll her onto her side so that she could nurse. Since Blanche was in such terrible shape, we decided to wean her daughter a little earlier than normal so that she could recover. 


Blanche had also been hugely overweight at one point in her life (then lost the weight as she aged and got sick) and her neck crest broke, so she has a big pocket of fat hanging off her neck. It is uncomfortable for her, but not painful. 


For more than a year, we have been treating Blanche for Cushing’s Disease and have been patiently and frequently working with her feet. Now, her entire hoof wall has regrown and she can stand up on all four feet! She is much healthier, and her Cushing’s Disease is under control. 


Today, Blanche is the matriarch of Pasture #4. Because she doesn’t have very good teeth, she eats special feed. She knows exactly when her feeders are to come, and she does not let anybody arrive one minute late! Blanche spends her days with her two besties, Edie and Snow White. She now lives the life of a happy, comfortable senior donkey — and will do so for the rest of her days.

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