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Our New Pasture is a Huge Hit with the Herd

Donkeys need an environment that is safe and secure, with plenty of shade and a source for fresh water. They also prefer hilly terrain that is better for their muscles and their hooves. At Oscar’s Place in Hopland, CA, we will be celebrating our one-year anniversary in January. It’s been an amazing year and expanding to accommodate more donkeys is part of our master plan.

So, recently we did some major landscaping to create a new pasture for our donkeys. When we recently released our herd into the new area at Oscar’s Place in early October, it was both satisfying and exhilarating. Some of our donkeys walked down the hill while others ran. Once they were in the pasture for a short time, the entire herd started running around in a circle as a group for at least 30 minutes.

With our new pasture, we doubled our donkeys’ living area. On hot days, they can chill in the shade provided by our beautiful 600-year-old Oak trees. They can drink in a pond or run up and down the hilly terrain. Or they can just hang out in a group or if they want some “me time” that’s okay too.

About Oscars Place Adoption Center & Animal Sanctuary

Oscar’s Place | The Selway Family Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of donkeys abused or abandoned. When an animal suffers because humans are unkind, Oscar’s Place steps in. While we’re just a team of everyday individuals, we deeply care for and are committed to providing a safe haven for farm animals in need.

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