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This year, our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser is aimed to raise money for the recently rescued 50 donkeys. We want to give you - who support our donkeys - many opportunities to learn about us and contribute  in many ways including a Share to Give Campaign, Donkey Raffle, Live Room, GoFundMe Campaign and more! All funds raised will directly impact those donkeys we saved and allowing them to live a happy and healthy life.


We need help from YOU!

Could you ask 10 of your friends to give to Oscar’s Place in honor of #GivingTuesday?


               Even $10 would work.


Do we have 1,000 friends who are willing to try? 

On #GivingTuesday, We are not only asking for donations, but each share of this page will be matched from a generous donor. Each share will raise us $1. Our goal is to recruit 1000 Friends to get 10 of their friends to give. 

Let’s do the math! 

If each "Campaign Captain'' recruits 10 people to give $10, then that would be $100,000 donated plus another $10,000 just for the 10,000 shares matched, it is $110,000+ to support our Donkey Fellows. If we have 1,000 friends willing to try this, then we will raise enough to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more than 50 donkeys. 

Do you know 10 people who want to support Oscar’s Place and our amazing donkey friends? 

108 people have signed up already. Are you ready to join this campaign? Thank you!

We love donkeys, and quite frankly, we need to team up with people like YOU who also care about what happens to these beautiful creatures.

Share to Give


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Additional items available in our Online Store.  All purchases are TAX deductible  and 100% of proceeds from the sale of merchandise goes directly to rehabilitating the donkeys at Oscar’s Place.

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